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Born on the 7th of May, 1963 in Arrecife, Lanzarote, Aquilino started clay modelling at the age of seven years practising with plastacine which was his favourite modem. In August, 1984 he studied a course of  popular Canary ceramics, which was organised by the Consejería de Cultura Y Deportes del Gobierno de Canarias (ministry of culture and sport of the Canary government), where he was taught the Urdido technique, a millennial local technology belonging to the UNESCO world heritage of the Canary Islands.  This technique is where he uses only clay, his hands and no potter’s wheel. His tutors were Domingo Díaz Barrios and Blasy Jaizme Jerez.  He has since investigated, and now experiments and occupies himself with mucky and sandy materials which come exclusively from Lanzarote. Fuel technologies with firewood, ceramic typology of the Neolithic Age up to today, history, archeology, geology etc. In July, 2006 he studied a course in ceramics, art and nature. This took place in the Centro de Taking Rural (centre for rural art) from Gogorderos (León) and was conducted by the lecturers, Vanni Gritti and Toni Soriano of the Asosación Cultural EDUCART WWW.ESPACIOCERAMICA.COM. From July to August, 2007 he studied again in Gijón under Carla Spaggiari "La cerámica como recurso educativo en la escuela" (The ceramics as an educational resource at school). In 2009 he collaborated with Italo Chiodi ( <>), a lecturer in design in the Academia Tu Barking Arti de Brera (academy of the fine arts), Milan, and studied a course on prehistoric ceramics in the LABORATORIO CERAMICO de Vanni-Gritti, Bergamo, Italy. Near the end of July, 2011 he returned to Italy, and studied a course with Javier Fanlo, an artist and ceramic maker who works together with the Facultad de Ciencias de la Antigüedad (department for archeology of the faculty of philosophy) of the university of Zaragoza. At the present time, he is painting ceramics of Mojón. Ceramics which are only unique to the island. He has recently finished a collection  together with other replicas of preb sharp-panic ceramics for the Natural History Museum of Arrecife. He has also taken part in a huge number of lectures on the islands and in several regional fairs,  worked together with schools, high schools, local governers and the island,  read papers and carried out presentations and Workshops about Canary ceramics.
Quote: “If  life is an existence without sense, now I give sense to  life with my hands.“ (Victorio Guiudano)
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